Trademark registration in Romania (OSIM)

TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN ROMANIA (OSIM) Everything you need to know about a trademark registration in Romania - what are the requirements for filing a trademark in Romania, how much it costs to register a trademark in Romania etc. Our fees start from €110 (official...

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Common mistakes when choosing a trademark

Top 3 mistakes when registering a trademark The following common mistakes were identified when deciding to apply for a trademark registration: no prior search is conducted for desired trademark (others might have already registered the desired mark); choosing common /...

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Employees’ inventions

A patent is, according to Law no 64/1991, a title granted by the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office (“OSIM”) giving exclusive rights for a period of 20 years, in exchange for divulging "an invention over a product or a method that is new, has an inventive step and...

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